About Us

 Do you know what you really want?

In our company, we don’t sell you cheap, energy saving, functional LED fixtures.  We provide the lights.
The lights can upgrade the whole atmosphere, the lights you never experienced, the lights can give you a whole different feel. 
Artificial light is something we use every day and most of the time without even noticing it. But the things that matter the most
always are the things that invisible. Like Oxygen, Water.

What don’t know what lights you need until you meet one?

If you ever have been to the European countries, you will notice there are lots of Classics, traditional design light fixtures on the
street, in front of the famous architecture, or basically everywhere.
The fixture itself is a treasure, it doesn’t make any sense to replace the fixture with LED and it also a waste if you put a 5000K
or even higher color temperature lights inside. Here it comes to our lights with flexible shape and very low color temperature.
Also, only a low color temperature can better reflect the true beauty of things. If you ever noticed, all the world-famous
architecture like The Louvre, The Versailles Palace, The Forbidden City and so on. They all use low color temperature
lights at night. Make a brilliant Show.
Right now, in the current, we are the only company that can produce this type of lights. Life is so beautiful and our light is

Before I show you what our light is capable of, let me inform you two basic terminologies in the LED field.

No.1 is Wattage.  Wattage is a unit of power, basically, it used to quantify the rate of energy transfer, it tells you how many
energies you consumed.

No. 2 is Lumen. Lumen equal to the amount of light emitted per second in a unit solid angle. It tells you how much light you
can receive.
Almost all the LED company tells you how efficient they are, how many lumen/ watts they can produce. We all played by the
terminology. It doesn’t matter how many lumens/ Watts you can produce; what matters is how many lumens/ Watts you can
deliver. With our technology, there are no much of heat need to be released, so we can deliver as far as 300 lumen/ watt.
Our lights are tested to be approved that can be used in the extremely hot desert area as well as be used for a stretch of
highway high mast lights.
Also, with this much of delivered lumens, our 6W LED 4ft tubes can replace the existing 32-watt fluorescent tubes. We save you
almost 6 times of energy cost.

Life is so beautiful, and our light is capable.