Dark-Sky LED Light Narrow band Amber LEDs LPS NBA LED 595nm 20W

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4.50 LBS

Product Overview

What is Dark-Sky Lighting?

· It's simply a way of lighting that helps keep the sky dark by fully shielding the light bulb on the top and sides so the light is directed down rather than to the sides and up to the sky, which creates glare, excess light and hides our stars. (Skip to 4:50 of "Losing the Dark," below, to see this demonstrated).

· It is amber in color instead of blue, green or white. Amber LEDs are a better choice than warm white or low CCT white LEDS. However, choose warm white or low CCT (2700 kelvin or less) over a higher kelvin white LED. Find amber LED sources here. For further understanding, please see Dark-Sky Resources.

· It is dimmed and no brighter than necessary, is only used where or when needed, and often uses timers or motion detectors. 

This solution to light pollution began with Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition, when in the 1950s, they realized the necessity of protecting their dark skies, and they now have the darkest skies of probably any illuminated city you will find. They use mostly *amber* dark-sky lighting, and it's now widely available--people just need to know about it. 

Product Information

  • Wattage:  20W
  • Input voltage: 110-277V
  • Total lumen:1500 lumen
  • Efficiency: 75lm/w
  • Measurement: 19.5inch x 8.5inch x 2.5inch
  • weight:4.5lb
  • color temperature: 1650K
  • Narrow Band peak: 595nm

NBA LED is not low-CCT White LEDs

Spectral Power Graph – NBA LED



(No reviews yet) Write a Review