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LEDi2, Inc. seeks 【Materials Engineer】

Provide enhanced performance and efficiency for company current products and future lighting
Review new light blueprint and make recommendations for raw material selection, based on
design objectives such as strength, reliability, heat resistance, UL certification, and cost.
Use computer-assisted engineering software (AutoCAD) to perform engineering tasks.
Analyze product failure data and material test results to determine causes of problems and
develop solutions.
Maintain standards for safety and quality by ensuring job procedures, risk assessments, audits,
training records and equipment maintenance are current and in compliance with requirements.
Apply metallic material principle to design light fixture's body structure and to improve intensity
and durability of fixture’s heat sink shell.
Thermal design considerations for new LED products. Transfer more electrical energy to
luminous energy instead of useless thermal radiation which may even shorten LED chip's life
Rise luminous efficiency of current warm color temperature light. Enhance permeability of
yellow phosphor over blue diode but maintain color transformation (from blue to yellow)
Master’s degree in materials science and nanoengineering required.

Send resume to: 832-831-8639

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